Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Preparing to Leave

As you all know by now I am joining the Peace Corps, going to Romania to teach English. My date of departure is set for May 15th! As you could imagine I am extremely excited to get over there and embark on my journey. For the last two years I have been living in Detroit. It has been an eventful two years to say the year in Law School and the other year spent grinding it out working at the State Bar. It has been great being back in MI close to my family & friends from high school as well as meeting some great new friends through out my adventures in the city. However, I cannot kid myself any longer, too much grass is growing between my toes here in MI and I must go see the rest of the world and satisfy my craving desire for new challenges and experiences. ( Not that living/working /socializing in downtown Detroit was not new & challenging, but you know what I mean!)

Before I leave the country, I will be going to Las Vegas to meet up the greatest friends a person could have, for one hell of a "hello/goodbye farewell tour." We will be spending a week in sin city and then another week road tripping it to a little place called heven aka Tucson, AZ with stops along the way in Phoenix and possibly more. I miss all of my friends from UofA dearly and I hope to see as many as possible on my Farewell tour...the saying "you don't know what you got till its gone" is so true. That's it for now!

Peace & Love